24x7 Dubai Civil Defence enhance the safety and security of the people and property of Dubai by operating an Emergency Operations Center from which life and safety issues affecting the city can be managed using state of the art M2M technology.

A key issue for fire services both at the national and international level is to become more proactive rather than reactive. This translates to a greater focus on preventive activities rather than dealing with incidents after they have occurred.

In order to get the best possible value from growing investments in the fire service, and to be well prepared for the new safety challenges that the community could face, technology change and upgradation was essential. Early fire detection and its corresponding safety systems’ monitoring is crucial to the overall safety of the facility and its assets.

This was a perfect opportunity for a paradigm change. Dubai Civil Defence embraced the state-of-the-art Smart Monitoring System that uses M2M technology to monitor fire alarm and fire fighting systems real time for immediate dispatch during an emergency.

Our Vision

Towards placing UAE among the leading global countries in achieving safety and security.


24x7 protection for private & public buildings


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